Our Capabilities

In house steel rule die making gives us added flexibility and control over lead time. Our typesetting department is always ready to work with our customers on custom printed jobs. We have 2 Flexographic print stations on 1 "KEMPSMITH" production line and 1 web tinter and 1 print station on 2nd "KEMPSMITH" production line.

1 "KEMPSMITH" pocket folder/gluer. Various sizes or "Potdevin" label pasters and edge gluers. Letter Press with numbering heads.

"PERMCLIP" automatic fastener machine. Folder Construction


Available in 11, 14, 15, 18 Pt. Manila and White Stock can also betinted any color. Please contact one of our dealers for furtherdetails


May be ordered with top tab, reinforced side tab or reinforced top and side tab. Mylar can also be applied to further reinforce the whole folder.


May be installed in any of 8 standard fastener positions. Three different styles of fasteners are available - heatbonded or duo clips, and DocuClips.


Folders may be custom designed with special imprints on the outside surface, inside surface or both. Rough copy must be supplied for typesetting.


Different styles of pockets may be installed to meet your needs. Pockets may be designed to store microfiche, cards or plastic credit cards. Suggested styles of pockets are as follows: Plastic, envelope-style, manila, and white.


Folders may be color coded with one-piece strip label or individual labels to meet your filing needs.The basic color coded system are Alphabetical, Straight Numeric and Terminal Digit. Color coding may be designed to solve a particular need or may be duplicated to match virtually any existing system.


Bar code labels may be applied to the front of folders for applicable situations.


Factory installed dividers are available to provide added functionality to custom medical records. Custom X-ray Jackets/Mini-Jackets


May be ordered in several basic sizes-standard is 18 1/4" x14 1/2" H. COLOR CODING Easily color coded to meet filing requirements.